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Bold Interiors With a Touch of Class


If you are wondering how you can bring in a touch of Africa into your rooms check out this decor. One with minimalistic tastes would run away from the very idea of putting together so many elements in a room. But then – each to his own taste. This is a tastefully furnished living room with no efforts having been spared to use every available space in the room.

What stands out here are the wall hangings. This small space has not less than seven wall hangings and believe me it is just one corner of the room. The beaded framed wall art with a hand-painted wall art within defining a typical African theme stands out wonderfully. The two African masks placed one over the other do indeed manage to bring out symmetry to the wall. These pieces are indeed eye-catching and are very good conversation pieces.  The over flowing floral baskets with rich foliage vie for attention here too! A large basket of ornamental leaves placed in a corner brings in more greenery into the interiors.

The wall colors are soft golden brown that match both the wall mounted floral baskets and the wall art pieces. The masks that are dark brown hued bring forth a magnificent contrast! The entire theme of colors are earth colors. A touch of class is added by the cushion fabrics. They are a superb mixture of textured, square patterned and chintz. The interior decorator has tried to achieve a careful casual look here and has done a great job of it. No effort has been taken to match the cushion covers or create a balance in colors in the choice of fabric. This is a lovely interior that is vibrant and is definitely an attention seeker with immensely bold theme.  One may classify this as a retro theme – but this is a theme that has a personal touch to it.

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