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Bold, Yet Serene Effect

Bold and serene bedroom

Bold and serene bedroom

It’s exceptionally hard to find a bedroom that is truly designed well. There are so many problems to solve, so many color combinations to perfect, and things like location of furniture and more to be thought of. In this case, I feel everything is perfect.

The picture here shows us a view of a lovely little bedroom filled with calming colors and smooth designing. The floor is carpeted with a steel grey carpet, that may be considered dull; but, not with the colors surrounding it. The carpet looks easier to maintain than most, and also looks soft and comfortable as well. The plain color steals no thunder away from the rest of the room, and I believe it does that very well.

The bed has a dark base. The mattress is covered with a very pretty cover, of black and grey flowers curling on a white background. The black flowers seem to blend with the dark base of the bed, creating a strange illusion of the flowers growing out of the ground. The bed is large and has a cushioned head to make it comfortable.

The bed occupies most of the room’s space. At its head, there is a pair of attachments spreading outward. These attachments are drawers with lampshades above them. This shows us how much space there really is in the room, and how easy is it is to read at night.

The walls are painted a beautiful color. The color is a smooth shade of turquoise, producing a calming and serene effect, especially when the lights from the lampshades shine on them.

To pronounce this effect more, there is a wonderful abstract painting hung on the wall behind the bed. This again shows us how much space there is on the walls for things like paintings.

This bedroom is relatively small, but with its small size comes a large amount of beauty too.

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