Bedroom Interior Designs — November 7, 2011 at 10:44 pm

Brass and nickel plate traditional beds


A collection of classic and elegant beds. Treat your bedroom with a  full range of traditional bedroom furniture and luxury bed linen put on top of your brand new old looking bed.

This pure brass bed follows a classic Victorian design with its elegant curves, grand bedposts and gleaming metal finials. The antique styling of this hand-crafted luxury bed will add a touch of romance to any bedroom.

Now this bed is hand-crafted in pure brass, with a polished nickel finish. It retains the enduring appeal of the traditional Victorian design, but the silver finish gives the bed a contemporary twist.

A classic large Victorian style bed hand-crafted in pure brass, with a polished nickel finish, it stands at over 5’8” tall, with generous proportions that make it a luxurious place to relax.

At home in any decorative scheme from traditional to modern, this pure brass luxury bed is a classic Victorian design features heavy sand-cast components.

This is a grand, Victorian-style bed inspired by the latticed gates at the entrance of mediaeval castles. Polished nickel finish on top of a brass structure.

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