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Bright and Colorful Dining Room

Bright and Colorful Dining Room

Bright and Colorful Dining Room

Most people would hesitate before they eat in a dining room like this. This is a wonderfully whimsical area to dine in. The room is not large, but the use of space is excellent. The space is colorful, summery and bright.

The decorator has used light wood for furniture. There is a cane furniture finish to the place. The dining table is long and narrow.

The decorator has utilized the idea of contrasts and clashes to create an aura of excitement. The wallpaper is intricately decorated with patterns of leaves and nature. The interesting thing about this is that there is a huge piece of art that is completely different from the wallpaper.

The art piece on the wall is a gorgeous decorative piece that captures one’s attention. It is a modern piece that uses colors and patterns that are bright and loud. This certainly adds much excitement and passion to a room that has so far used only large amounts of brown and grey.

The table is obviously not just used for eating and dining. The table is utilized for work as well, so the owner has used ceiling lights to provide artificial lighting. The lights are also decorative and a bright orange.

The flooring has a beachy vibe to it that is a dull green. As one will notice, the decorator has very wisely used dull furniture, dull flooring, and a dull wall to offset the beauty of the painting and the lampshades.

This room is a great prototype to use when decorating one’s dining room. It may not be in everybody’s taste, but it is a very inventive and brightly colorful place to live in. The room shows the owner to be very comfortable in his or her personality. It is a good idea to do the same when creating a space. Exploring one’s personality is a great way to bring out the hidden potential in a room.

All in all, the room is probably not for people who like neutrals and beiges, but for people who are not afraid to experiment with color and design.

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