Bedroom Interior Designs — February 1, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Bright and Dark Hued Bedroom

Red and Green Bedroom

Red and Green Bedroom

A novel design for bedrooms

It is obvious that this bedroom is designed keeping the large size of the room in mind. In spite of the bed in the center of the room, there is a lot of moving room all around. The bed itself is placed flush against one wall and facing it is a bench like seating arrangement. This space could be used for favorite objet d’arts or to sit on.

The colors used are unusual. If you want something full of contrast, but tastefully used, here’s your pick. The walls of the rooms are painted a smooth white, bringing in a sense of purity and calm. Hanging from the ceiling are four lights, three of them to the side above the shelves as spotlights, and one in the center of the room. The light in the center is the largest, and is carefully placed so as to shower the entire room in light. The three smaller lights focus on things placed on a shelf attached to the wall. This wall bang opposite to the bed ensures that it is the first thing your eyes would light on as you wake up.

The carpet, a mixture of black, brown, and cream colors, just adds more vividness to the room. The bed is covered with a maroon counterpane, and has maroon colored pillows adding a richer shade to the room. The brighter red of the side table defines the darker bed cover and the green plant placed on one side. The splash of colors on the art work nailed to the wall and placed opposite the bed is a dramatic touch.

The room has an attached bath that has frosted glass on both sides of the door. With minimal objects and dark hues of color, this room has been decorated to a unique taste.

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