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Bright and Funky Interior Design for Your Bedroom

Bright and Funky Bedroom with Yellow Walls

Bright and Funky Bedroom with Yellow Walls

When there are so many varieties of the same thing, you tend to have an extremely hard choice in selecting the one you truly want. Bedroom designs are exactly like that. There are gloomy, dull rooms, as well as happy, sunshine filled rooms. And this, is definitely the latter.

Simply because of the maelstrom of colors used in the bed and lantern, as well as the color of the wall, we know it screams happiness. The Christmas star hanging from the ceiling, its white contrasting with the yellow wall, catches attention excellently. I can imagine a little light bulb sitting in that star. I would love to be the one lying down on the bed in the darkness, with a sparkling, spinning-with-the-wind star showering dots of light everywhere.

The window is simple. Its white frame expresses purity and peace. Happiness should never be wild, or ecstatic. It should be calm, and pleasant, like the peace and happiness of spring. When you put a white window, large and open, along with the wild, assorted colors of the bed cover and pillow covers, you get just that. The windows allow plenty of light to enter the room during the day. Open them, and you get plenty of breeze. In my opinion, ventilation in a house is vital. Forget air conditioners- true breeze, zipping through your window, is better, and I feel this room gives you that.

Beside the bed is a small turquoise side table, with a unique lamp sitting on it. The base of the lamp looks like a twisted sea shell. I can half imagine a snail popping its slimy head out of it. The shade is connected to the base by a very slim neck. The shade itself is gorgeous. It is turquoise and white, and patterned.

The bed cover and pillows are colored amazingly. There is an abundance of patterns, swirls, blue borders, white spaces, flowers, leaves, everything. At the very back, contrasting, is a pure white pillow, larger than the rest.
I feel that this bedroom design is lovely. It may not have plenty of space, but I feel it makes up for it with its natural, sunshiny beauty.

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