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Bright and Light

Bright and Light

Bright and Light

The bedroom you see in the picture is an epitome of grace and calm. At first glance it may seem too formal to be a bedroom in your home, but if you take a closer look, you will see that it isn’t so formal after all. The color that dominates is white, and we see it on the walls, the ceiling, the bed sheets, and the pillows as well. There seems to be a wonderful combination of two sets of shades here – white or beige, and a dark brown. The dark brown of wood looks a perfect pair to the whites.

The peacefulness of the clean white makes the room look instantly cool, especially with a blue sky seen through the windows. The elegance of the furniture is brought out mainly by the deep, rich colour of the wood. It is widely known that white on walls makes the room look more spacious, and this is indeed what it does here. And adding to the spaciousness is the mirror reflecting the cityscape seen through the windows. The three windows behind the bed show the room to be very open. The spectacular view is just one of the attractions it has. The tall windows are very stylish too.

An important thing to observe is that even without an air conditioner, this bedroom can remain very cool, because of its windows. Excellent ventilation is instantly possible with these windows. The beige floor and carpet are smooth additions. An amazing design, but nevertheless, it may seem to a few people like a hotel room rather than a potential bedroom for a home.

There are straight lines and more straight lines. The chest along the wall, the corner standalone tall cabinet, the side tables with the drawers by the side of the bed, the design of the carpet all scream the owner’s need for order and organized space.  Having this kind of room should be a breeze to clean.

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