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Bring in the Swedish Style!


An interior decoration style that has a universal appeal coupled with an elegance that can only be called refined at the same time spreading an aura of a casual aged appearance is the Swedish style. This style has been popular with many interior decorators. This style has the characteristic Scandinavian lighting technique that is influenced by the weather of the Scandinavian countries – long winters, early sunset and therefore not much of natural light.  This necessitated a lot of indoor lighting.

If you want an airy, pale and lighted indoors, then you have to look in to Swedish decor styles. The walls are almost always pale or pastel shades as is the flooring and furnishing. The idea is to allow light to reflect from these pale surfaces especially dove gray. They lend a cheerful, warm and even lit interior that has its own charm.

Choose pale tones that could be white, dove gray or soft yellows for the walls. You can even think of pale pinks or a very light shade of green. To add to the essence of richness accent these with red or gold to bring out the best in the lighting and providing a subtle contrast. Many also go in for pale blues. These colors reflect a clear and fresh day and blend in easily with other colors.

The red and gold contrasts can be brought out by wall papers that show floral themes or even neat stripes in the fabrics in your upholstery of your sofa, curtains and carpets. Most of the patterns used in Swedish styles are all on a pale background. Soften the furniture with softly padded cushions and bolsters. Wood that is used in the furniture is almost always softwoods – alder, beech or birch. White pine can also be used for their softness. These are all very easily available and add to the authenticity of the theme.

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