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Bring the Outdoors In

Bring the outdoors in

Bring the outdoors in

It’s hard to find a room design that is truly unique. These days, the modernized, gadget filled room is the most popular. But the design in the picture is utterly beautiful.

It is different in the aspect that it looks more like a lounging area at a hotel, than a home. The room has no walls, as it is set almost outdoors. The floor consists of orange brown tiles that glow in the sunlight. There are two simple wooden stools, spaced away from each other. They sit close to a center table that is set as low as the stools themselves.

This table is a perfect square, with a dark brown top, and a light brown base. The table has plenty of space for things like candle holders, lampshades, books, or objects of decoration. This table also matches the floor tiles in color. The stools are ideal places to sit and look at the gorgeous view, as they are comfortable and attractive at the same time.

On the other side of the table is the more ‘lounge’ like seating area. There are two mattresses placed perpendicular to each other, and surrounding the table. The mattresses are covered in white cloth, clean and beautiful. There are a number of cushions on the mattress, making them very comfortable. Beside them, there is plenty of space to keep drinks, or just ornaments.

The most important parts of this room’s design are the huge windows. The drapes, opened in the picture, reveal a stunning view of a lake, with lots of greenery. These windows allow sunlight to light the whole room brilliantly.

Overall, this room is utterly gorgeous. It has a tremendous openness to it, with its fantastic view from its lovely windows. On top of this, it is filled with war colors, and it is comfortable and uncluttered.

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