Apartment Interior Designs, Home & House Interior Designs — February 25, 2013 at 3:59 pm

Build a harmony between nature and your home



Apartments and houses that coexist with nature. Perfect design solutions. Lots of glass and stone all around. Minimalism in furniture is not very easy to achieve. Geometry of coziness.


Wild and green oasis of rest and calm. Garden furniture is completing this terrific terrace interior, creating illusion of a garden. Decorative fence and flowers – I love it. 


Big palm trees in the ground and small ones in decorative pots. Chairs that grow out of the ground. Illusion of the island near the pond. Interesting lighting. Huge windows erase all borders between inside and outside. 


Floating in the air violet sofa brings you back into reality of this magic interior. If not this particular interior object it would be very hard to differ where tropical garden begins. Flowing fabrics in nature color theme naturally divide your comfort area and nature. Natural materials everywhere. Amazing!


Roof of the building looks like some kind of a giant flower that is growing on the beach of this beautiful lagoon. So close to the water! You really wish this was your next vacation destination. 


When you look on this swimming pool you think of mountain rivers. You can feel the fresh breath just looking at this image. Great surroundings, just look at those amazing birches. Absence of any fences completely combine you and the nature. 


This is the modern architecture you looking at. Sharp lines, right angles, lots of glass, wood and stone.  Beautiful semi swimming pool, semi pond. 


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