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Canopy Beds In Your Bedrooms


canopy bed

canopy bed

If you are going in for a traditional style while designing your home, you bedroom too should look authentic enough. One way to extend the traditional style to your bedroom would be to add canopy beds to you bedroom. These beds have been very popular and continue to be so. They have been used for centuries. What characterizes a canopy bed are the lovely artistic scroll work, the amazing wood work designs, the height of the canopy and the lovely drapes that for them. With time the canopy beds to have gone many changes. While old canopy beds have ornate carvings made in wood with intricate and beautiful designs, the current contemporary trend is to go in for wrought iron carved ones.

Canopy beds styled on the Victorian or even the Renaissance style are usually made of very heavy wood and are very sturdy. These beds have intricate wood carvings. The draperies chosen for these beds too are heavy. But contemporary canopy beds are lighter and are the canopy posts are either made of light wood or wrought iron. The posts are straighter and more streamlined in contemporary canopy beds.

The fabric chosen in traditional canopy beds are very heavy. Not only that they are heavy, they are also dark toned. This is because those days with no electricity, they depended on dark heavy drapes to keep the warmth in. This was the basic function of the canopy bed. It of course needed a lot of room and so it was only the aristocrats or people with a good bit of wealth that could afford it. These days the canopy beds are more for aesthetics than warmth. The drapes are of sheer lace and are lightly colored. Choosing to canopy bed in your bedroom is not at all a bad idea provided, there is enough space and your home is styled with the traditional décor theme.

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