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Casual Interiors


What all of us want from our homes is warmth and comfort. When you are not looking to make your home an epitome of art, then go in for the casual style. If you are one of those people who does not like to tread into your homes with soft cautious foot steps, hoping you don’t disturb the arrangement of furniture, then choose a casual style.

Simplicity is the key here. Uncluttered interiors with simple and needy things and not ostentation is what you are looking at. This is not difficult to achieve. Your sofa upholstery, curtains and carpet should be simple and perhaps casually textured.  The surfaces are low-lustered, even mate, the horizontal lines are restful. You don’t have to go in for a perfect symmetry here. All accessories are rectangular with soft curves.

This especially suitable for those who love relaxed life styles and this style can incorporated into all the rooms in your homes – even your guest room! Don’t hesitate to go in for over-sized sofas – they do provide a lot of comfort. Soft pastel shades or neutral colors like beige, tan or gray can lend a unique elegance to the casual decor. If you feel that your whimsical towards dark colors, go in for it – rust or wine colored carpets and curtains could do the trick. The only thing that you should be careful about is achieve a sense of aesthetics even in your casual style. Let there not be too much of color combination or contrasts. Keep the contrasts to the minimum.

Old antiques fit in very well here too. The coffee table or side tables can be large enough without being too obtrusive. They can have enough storage space for all your needs. Use table skirts with chintz if the tables are too worn out.  Choose a wall art that goes with your persona and you feel good looking at. A sunset wall art can do wonders to create an aura of restfulness and can never be out of place.

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