Bathroom Interior Designs

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Bathroom Refurbishing Ideas

It would really be fun to do up the house to look different from time to time. It removes the monotony of the living space and adds to a little bit of fun and excitement. In fact there are many who do home makeovers every season.

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Interior design of a utilitarian bathroom

These days, when hygiene is so important, the most important place for it is the bathroom. People obsessed with cleanliness sometimes refuse to use a bathroom that is not up to their standards of cleanliness. In luxury hotels and resorts, the bathrooms are extremely and spotlessly clean, because that’s how it’s meant to be. Bathrooms are places that accumulate dirt [...]

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Use Art For Bathroom Interior Decoration

Art is a very important part of a house. Most people have art in some form on their walls, or on coffee tables or even on shelves. Art is everywhere. It can be sculptures, installations, large paintings, small prints, posters, designer carpets, mirrors and so on. But, have you ever really given much thought to art in the bathroom? To [...]

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Bathroom's Interior Design in Sunshine Yellow

The hit song ‘Brighter than Sunshine’ by Aqualung, describes this bathroom completely. The color of yellow blasts everything in its path to smithereens with its bright glow. Yellow symbolizes happiness and joy. Yellow is eye catching, and displays a sense of freedom when it captures our attention. With yellow, suddenly the lighting in the room is enhanced, and the daylight [...]

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Use of Mirror in Bathroom's Interior Design

Mirrors are objects that are used very often in homes. Apart from their basic uses in bathrooms and bedrooms, mirrors are also used in rooms to create an illusion of more space. Studies show that when mirrors are placed in a room, it looks larger and more spacious. People who are interested in spiritual peace are also very into using [...]

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Bathroom's Interior Design With Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are extremely popular right now in all fields of art and design. There is a return to Impressionist roots with wonderfully represented paintings of flowers and gardens. Fashion lines are using floral motifs in all their clothes. Even fabrics used in homes, like carpets and cushion covers, are full of fresh patterns of flowers and leaves. Flowers represent [...]

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Beautiful Interior Décor For A Bathroom

Luxury in a bathroom is the new ‘in’ thing. We are at period of time where cleanliness is at the height of almost everything in life. People maintain a certain level of hygiene, and almost everyone in there world does it if they can. With cleanliness being such an important ting, stores and businesses thrive on selling products that are [...]

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