Bathroom Interior Designs

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Build your dream Master Bathroom!

Most homes are certainly likely to have more than one bathroom. The master bathroom in a house refers to the bathroom that is attached to the master bedroom of the house. Just like one indulges in a master bedroom, one should indulge in the master bathroom as well. So the next time you are remodeling your home or if you [...]

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Remodeling your Bathrooms

Did you know that the most expensive room in the house to remodel is your kitchen? And the next most expensive room is the bathroom. Now this estimate also includes the costs of labor and equipment. Let’s face it – these are the two rooms that you simply cannot manage to work on even with your very versatile Do It [...]

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Bathroom Interior Makeover – Plan and Budget

Remodeling or designing the interiors of a house that you are going to occupy shortly can be a very exciting prospect. While it is indeed challenging, it is not only interesting but also involving. You are going to create a comfort zone for you and your family – which is why you don’t mind going through the many hardships during [...]

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Interior Design of A Compact Bathroom

Anywhere you go, the most important thing in a bathroom is its cleanliness. Easy to clean would be the main objective. The floor is a dark chocolate brown, enhancing the lighter colors in use around the room. The commode is white, the most common color in a bathroom. The basin, very close to the commode, is also white. The ceiling [...]

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Bathroom Interior Design in Wood

Ever been attracted to the soft sheen of polished wood? I have. The wood in this wash basin resembles the type used in luxurious cars, which probably explains why I like it so much. To find something so different is an experience in itself. This basin is designed very well. The basin is a cup. It is just a perfectly [...]

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Glittery Interior Design of Your Bathroom

Lord Alfred Tennyson once wrote, and I quote, about Sir Lancelot’s bridle – ‘The gemmy bridle glittered free, like to some branch of stars we see, hung in the golden Galaxy.’ I would like to reveal how close that glittering gemmy bridle is to the bathroom in the picture. I feel that it glitters in its beauty as much as Lancelot’s bridle does. The primary color [...]

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Bathroom – Design Them To Suit Your Needs

There are so many factors that one must consider before planning the bathroom. We all know that bathroom is a place that is quite often shared by many family members.  This room in a home is also considered by many to be a place that allows for total relaxation. Today bathrooms are also rooms that are considered by many to [...]

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