Bedroom Interior Designs

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Sofas that can be turned into beds are getting to be more and more popular these days. There has been an increase in demand for sofa beds because they offer a house with both function and design. These sofas are just right for small apartments or small homes that do not have additional rooms for guests to rest when they [...]

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A Bedroom that is a Suite

This is a bedroom with ample room for your creativity. Yes, you do need the room to be a fairly large one. But, think of the possibilities!  Take a look at the large double bed with a touch of gold. The headboard placed flush against the wall has a padding to give you a soft and comfortable surface to lean [...]

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A bedroom – flowery and unique

Here is a bedroom with that slightly ornate look. The choice of colors is minimal with just shades of brown and white. If your bedroom is not too spacious, you would want to create nooks and corners for a variety of purposes. For instance, you could create a dressing area or a small study area against the window. The bed [...]

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If you are in the process of redecorating or redesigning your home, you surely don’t have to spend lots of money on hiring an interior decorator especially if you know what exactly you want done. As a matter of fact the prospect you of decorating your home should be pretty much exciting. This is where you can add that personal [...]

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Colorful Bedroom for the Young Ones

The colors speak for themselves. The hot pink gives the room a youthful look and adds a great degree of warmth. This is more specifically for a young girl. While the frame of the bed is white in color, the pink bedspread brightens up the entire room considerably. Look at the use of space here. The book shelf is flush [...]

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Bedroom with a View

 A wall in olive green and a wall made completely of glass lend an elegant tone to the bedroom. Well spaced artwork on the green wall brings out the green in sharp relief.  With one wall entirely of glass, there is not much you can do to the wall here; but, the drapes you hang reflect your taste.  A [...]

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Interior Design Guide – The Arabian Style

For centuries, interior design has been popular among many people and as each year passes by, we have new decorations and even a new sense of style. Have you ever wanted to decorate your home so it looks like an Arabian palace, but really don’t know where to start? Well, we have just the treat for you. We’ve compiled an [...]

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