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Choose the Right Door and Window Curtains for Your Interiors


When you are trying to choose curtains for your interiors you may wonder there is always a conflict between color, material and functionality. You have curtains for your windows and doors to block your inside from the outside.

This could be for any number of reasons. It could first and foremost be because you want to keep your interiors private. You would also like the curtains to block away harsh sunlight during summer months and you would like to block the icy cold winds in winters. This means you cannot have the same set of curtains for winters and summer if you are living in areas where the climates are extreme.

Summer Curtains: Now for summer months you would like to block away the harsh sunlight. If you are living in areas where the summers are harsh you can opt for dark curtains. But while dark curtains do manage to keep away the sunlight, they also tend to make your interiors hotter. This is why you should choose curtain colors that can reflect the sunlight and not absorb them. We all know white or pale colors reflect sunlight and black colors absorb the light and can heat up your room. The only option left for you is to use pale curtain materials that are heavy enough to block the sunlight and reflect them away.  If you want you summer nights to be cooler have thin curtains under the heavy ones so that these curtains can be used in the nights.

Winter Draperies: During winters go in for dark curtains that can absorb the gentle heat of the sun and keep your rooms warmer. Use materials that are heavy and strong. Whatever color you choose for your curtains either for summer or winter you must make sure that they do match with the color scheme of your overall interiors.

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