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Choosing the Right Ceiling for Your Interiors

Textured Celing

Textured Ceiling

Not very often we have a specific plan about the ceiling of a room or the rooms in a house when we undertake a home remodeling or renovation. The attention that is given to other aspects of the rooms like flooring, color and lighting is not given to the ceiling. The fact of matter is the ceiling too is a very important part of your home or office interiors and choosing the right one could not only add to the elegance of the room but also to the wholesome beauty of the room.

There are many kinds of ceilings that you can choose from. The Stretch Fabric ceiling is gaining popularity these days. While it may not be a great idea to have this at home, it is a very good choice for big venues and important events. They are available in a wide range of colors and the advantage of it is that it can be installed in may be different ways and can be even used as a projection screen.

If you want to give your home a country like feel wooden beams are an excellent choice. They bring forth a grandeur which not many other kinds of ceilings can. As a matter of fact you can have wooden beams that are not even attached to the ceiling, but just hanging beneath it. You can choose wooden beams that are styled like imperfect logs or have smooth ones. These wooden beams can also be placed at an angle or can be slanted to give the room a dramatic effect. It is wise to give the beams a contrasting accent in colors in relation to the ceiling.

Textured ceiling too make a good change over plain painted ones. You can either choose stucco or patterned ones to give the room a contemporary style.

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