Kitchen Interior Designs — May 26, 2011 at 11:49 am

Choosing The Right Chimney for Your Kitchen


Today no kitchen is complete without a good chimney. Gone are the days when exhaust fans used to clear away the smoke and fumes emanating from the kitchen.

A lot of research has gone into how best a kitchen can be ventilated without diminishing the beauty of the decor and the result of it all has been the modern chimney. The chimneys that are available in the market today are not only functional to help you kitchen clean and ventilated but also help in improving the overall beauty of it. Having said this it is very important to choose the right kind of chimney for you kitchen. Chimneys should be purchased bearing in mind its specific function in your kitchen.

Chimneys are basically used to keep all the greasy soot from sticking to your walls in the long run and spoiling them. They also help a lot in keeping away unwanted ‘guests’ like rodents from entering your homes.

The two basic types of chimneys that are most popular today are the Baffle chimneys and chimneys with metal grease filter. Both of them work differently but are nevertheless very effective. If your work in the kitchen is likely to emanate a lot of oily soot it would be best to go in for the baffle chimneys as the are equipped with filters that overlap to help suck the grease out. This would be necessary if you do a lot of cooking especially if your family is large. Chimneys with metal grease filters are equipped to suck away the oily soot and greasy fumes in a proportionate manner. Both the chimneys have high suction powers. You can choose the suction power by using the buttons provided there. For high grease cooking like deep frying you would need to turn on the suction power to its maximum limit.

It is also important to keep chimneys clean at all times. This can be done by giving it a DIY servicing once a week or every ten days or so.

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