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Classic Interiors For A Couple

Space for two

Space for two

Newly married couples always have trouble finding a home that is of a perfect size. Newly weds are probably reluctant to start a family so soon, so they want a nice starter home that is small and cozy, but also spacious enough to accommodate both their possessions. At the same time, the house should be well decorated as this is the first time they will be entertaining guests as a couple.

An important part of apartment décor when you are a newly-wed is to understand your partner’s tastes. The home has to reflect both you and your partner’s tastes in order to ensure unity and happiness. You can’t force all of your tastes on your partner, and your partner should not do that with you either.

This house is a very nicely done. It is a perfect mix of colliding tastes that end up not clashing. There is an infusion of masculine and feminine. The room sparkles with class and sophistication. It is elegant and very urban, thanks to its artsy edge. The Jon Reich sketches are a nice touch to a small space.

As you may have gathered, the space is particularly small. It is compact and has space only for two. Yet, the place has a very grand, luxurious feel.

The color palette is full of brown. Browns are found everywhere in various tints and shades, and in various tones. Brown is a very mature and sophisticated color that is often mistaken for being dull and lifeless. If you see this space, you will realize that this is anything but!

The use of print and pattern is very important to add visual interest to the space. Patterns and motifs have been used wonderfully here to layer browns and creams. The over all effect is mature design combined with clever aesthetic sense.

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