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Classy Blinds for Your Home Decor


When you are shopping for blinds or curtains, you always wonder as to which of these would be the better choice.  I would suggest blinds if you are looking for a summer decor.  It is more pertinent as to how you could make it fit well into your interior design schemes. Both curtains and blinds are washable. Both can be retracted and both afford a good view into the outside.

This is a modern living room furnished with blinds. The designer has chose to opt for contemporary vertical blinds for the large doorway and horizontal blind for the pvc windows. With suppliers such as Hillarys Blinds offering a range of blind designs, it’s easy to find something that will match the room with it’s mixture of both modern and traditional architecture. The windows have arched designs which add a touch of traditional and old fashioned style. Yet it complements the interiors so well.  The windows and the large doorway faces the west which brings in the warmth of the setting sun.

The three colors that stand out in this room are the pale pink of the blinds, the soft grayish beige of the floor tiles, the sofa cushions, and the dark burgundy of the walls. The contrast of the burgundy and the gray beige adds a touch of elegance here. One would think it would be incongruous to have blinds that are pink here. And yet don’t they fit in well? The pale transparent pink blinds allow the gentle rays of the evening sun to stream in and light the room. The wrought iron sparse furnishing creates a touch of class to the entire decor. The wall art that has been chosen here matches the color of the floor tiles and the cushioned sofa. The tall flower vase in wrought iron to match the lone sofa adds class to the interiors.  The wholesomeness of this interior is brought about by the green potted plants outside and the ones inside.

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