Bedroom Interior Designs — March 21, 2011 at 7:19 pm

Color Combinations for Your Bedroom's Interior Design

Blues for your bedroom

Blues for your bedroom

Colors make a room. There are millions of combinations and themes that can be used to flavor a room and make it appealing. We see sunshiny yellows, nature filled greens, earthy browns and reds, and many more. Here we see something not uncommon, but something that will remain eternally beautiful. The bedroom in the picture is an intricate, calming, cooling way of saying ‘This is how I want MY bedroom to look!’. White, a color widely used for its clean and simple effect, is often used along with blue. The blue used in this room seems to verge on aquamarine at parts, but otherwise is a rich, deep blue. The blue makes the entire room look submerged, because the color borders on turquoise. The bed frame, mattress and pillows are white, and the pillows have a faint blue outline. The bed cover is a thick, comfortable and soft looking grey, similar to the fur. Beside the bed are two side tables, identical to each other. Two lampshades, part of a pair, sit on each table. These lampshades are a stroke of artist genius. Their head is plain and ordinary, white and rectilinear, while the neck of the lamp is completely different. Both necks resemble icebergs because of their shape and crushed ice appearance. The side tables are also decorated with various other items, and obviously have plenty of space for things like magazines, ornaments, and more.

The main attraction of this room resides above the bed. The ceiling is white, while the wall is blue. The blue is eye catching and lovely. There is a pair of paintings hanging on the wall, directly above the bed. They are both abstract paintings, set very close to each other, and looking contrasting amidst all the blue.

The room in its entirety is beautiful, and it is as beautiful when looked at in parts. The individual decorations are wonderful, and the room is spacious. It is uncluttered, comfortable, and welcoming to the eye.

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