Bedroom Interior Designs — January 26, 2011 at 6:32 pm

Colorful Bedroom for the Young Ones

Kids Bedroom

Kids Bedroom

The colors speak for themselves. The hot pink gives the room a youthful look and adds a great degree of warmth. This is more specifically for a young girl. While the frame of the bed is white in color, the pink bedspread brightens up the entire room considerably.

Look at the use of space here. The book shelf is flush against the wall with the top open as additional shelf space. This also gives room for an additional shelf nailed on the wall slightly higher for those special childhood toys or other bric-a-bracs. The book shelf also has closed and open spaces for the placement of books or other paraphernalia that you might want to tuck away. A little girl who does not want to leave her childhood behind and yet, wants to be a grown up can find herself a perfect room with this one.  Colorful circular rugs with black and varying shades of pink bring out not only a contrast but also the wooden floor in all its sheen and glory. The side table with some cupboard space against the window makes a perfect corner for placing your favorite things. You could place a mirror next to the window for the light to fall on your face and the side board to keep your hairbrush and other cosmetics.

The colorful blinds that can be pulled up also ensure that a curtain does not flow into the room thus creating another corner for a doll house or even a reading corner. The hanging lights from the wall leave the floor space uncluttered with lamps or small tables to place lamps on. The idea is to allow moving room for the child and any friends who may be dropping in. There is enough space on the floor to add a few more rugs for sitting on and even to work on large school projects. It is a dream space that reflects a sense of cheer and warmth.

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