Commercial Interior Designs — June 10, 2011 at 1:43 pm

Colorful Interior Design For A Lounge


If you are looking for tips to decorate lounges or hotels, you will already know the importance of color and space in a lounge.

Lounges are spaces where people usually wait around, sip some cocktails and relax. They are very leisurely places where people entertain themselves and have fun. Lounges are usually found in large hotels and are done up well so that they look inviting.

It is important to remember that a lounge needs to be decorated with good taste and should ooze sophistication. This lounge is beautifully decorated with bright colors and tasteful furniture. It is not a very large space, but it is long and wide enough to have a crowd that is relaxed.

The color palette of the room is very tropical. The blues are summery and vibrant. The rest of the colors used are quite muted, with beiges, browns and whites taking backstage. The mustard yellow perfectly complements the blues, while the brown leather stools look interesting. The designer of this space really mixed things up to make the room look very interesting.

Something that really makes the room look lovely is the lighting. There are large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling lit by bulbs that resemble candles. Juxtapose this with the large French windows of the space and you get a mix of Mediterranean and French. The long couches are made of velvet, which adds a luxurious touch to everything.

The room is very well lit, and will look great in the evenings. The place exudes elegance without being boring. It is essential to remember that you can be interesting and different without resorting to the boring minimalist trend that seems to have captivated the hearts of decorators everywhere.

Modernity is mixed with period-style comfort, and this is where the decoration finds its strength.

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