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Comfort on a Couch

Comfort on a Couch

Comfort on a Couch

This living room area is a nice space for chilling out and generally relaxing. It is an airy, comfortable area that has mixed neutrals, dull shades and light to create an interesting space.

This is not a very large space; however, the beauty of it is that the decorator has used the space well. Another interesting feature is the fact that the owner has not used too much money to beautify the living room. The furniture is inexpensive, but manages to not look cheap. Rather, it is classy and well spaced out.

The seating area in the center is a nice olive green. The great thing about it is that the owner has not used a traditional sofa. The cushions used are the same color as the seating area.

Behind the sofa is a fireplace. The fireplace has been painted a very dark color. The owner has also personalized the fireplace counter by placing a lot of objects and an interesting assembly of wooden blocks that have been attached to the wall.

Attention has been given to cross ventilation and the use of natural lighting. There is no need for much artificial light.

The great thing about this place is that it has a very “eco-friendly” feel to it. There aren’t very many synthetic materials used.

When one owns a room like this, it would be a great idea to make full use of nature by placing potted plants and other bits of greenery around the place. Plants are always a great way to keep the air one breathes fresh and pure. A mistake a lot of people make is ignoring the benefits of a good plant in the house. This is true especially in an apartment which isn’t accessible to a garden or park in any way.

All in all, it is a good idea to take pointers from this place when decorating one’s home. It is well personalized, breezy and most of all, not fussy.

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