Living Room Interior Designs — March 21, 2011 at 8:30 am

Comfortable Living Room Decor Ideas


This is a room that spells comfort to the core. When you want to decorate your living room, there are so many ways of doing it.

You can go in for minimalistic furnishings that are sleek and cutting edge. This kind of furnishing would be preferred if you wanted to give your room a spacey look. Many who are living in apartments opt for this due to paucity of space. Or you can opt for the age old comfort quotient with large sofas with plenty of cushions thrown in.

Here is a living room where no effort has been spared to give it a warm cushiony and comfortable feel. The entire room gives forth the feeling of softness. Believe me it is not just the cushions, but also the colors that are chosen for the decor. You can see a suffusion of beige here. This lends softness to the room. The walls are a darker shade of beige when contrasted with French Windows. The sheer lacy curtain with floral patterns keeps in the privacy and yet affords a sensible view to the outside. The objects of art here are the lamp shades. These are vintage style lamp shades in soft beige. The twisted glass that holds the lamp adds a touch of authenticity to the vintage style lamps. Now the decorator has chosen two more object made of glass to add to the decor. The tables in dark wood perfectly square with no table skirts looks almost antique and beautiful. The flower vases with the fresh creamy blooms add to the traditional touch.

The decorator has achieved a perfect symmetry here with a range of contemporary furniture. The brown and beige patterned carpet and the cushion covers are the two elements that the decorator has chosen to add a touch of contrast and give this room a wholesome finish.

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