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Contemporary Interior Design of a House

Home_Stucco Style

Home_Stucco Style

This contemporary house is a luxurious take on modern design. The house is a large, private residence off Texas and combines raw design elements with class and sophistication. It is extremely spacious and roomy, with a lot of warm tones that provide darkness and a sense of calm and cool.

The space is simple. It is a basic area that has become both a living and dining space. It is the contemporary detailing that make the house look as great as it does. The room is also very open, as the area opens out into the garden outside. This brings in a lot of ventilation and light.

A beautiful aspect of the house is the high ceiling that floats above the clerestories below. The ceiling is slanting and made of wood. This gives the place a very country-cottage style.

The house is made of limestone, copper and stucco. The limestone walls add a gorgeous, warm texture to the space. Apart from the richness of the materials, the d├ęcor of the room is understated. The furniture is very minimalist and modern. The living space is simple with sofas that gather around a plasma screen television set.

The dining area next to the living area is also very bare and minimal. It is elegant, sleek and sophisticated with the simple dining table and the brown chairs.

The house gets its photogenic quality thanks to the dim lighting. The ceiling lights have a very Japanese feel to it.

All in all, this house is very beautifully made. While the design is wonderful, it must be added that it is the architecture and bone structure of the entire house that makes the space what it is. It is the perfect, relaxing space that is great for a retreat.

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