Living Room Interior Designs — October 12, 2011 at 3:41 pm

Contrasted living rooms in light tones


Picking the right color of your sofa, walls and contrasting details is one of the important things for your future living room mood.

Dark sofas makes biggest accent in this room, following by silver puff chairs on the left. As you can see even light living room doesn’t need to be too light.

Interesting glass piece chandelier with a big spacy grey sofa gets a funny color area rug to mix the feelings.

Decorative brick walls may be a little bit “used” by now, but still if proper used gives a very warm and spacious feeling. Rug adds the calm feeling to the room.

Natural stone walls here make a good combination with the shiny white floor. Dark red vases in such interior add some spice.

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  1. The designs on this site are excellent. I would really like to get advice on how to design/decorate a living room and kitchen that share the same wall space. The color of both areas is currently tan. I am looking for a color scheme and furniture that would suit both areas.

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