Home & House Interior Designs — April 19, 2013 at 2:04 pm

Country house near Madrid, Spain



As I said before, your house should reflect the wishes of those who live there, you! This chalet near Madrid is naturally breathing in and out.  I bet most of us dream of something similar to this house. Nature is present in every corner. Enjoy it both inside and outside. 

very nice terrace

As you can see garden is integrated inside the house through those huge windows. It dilutes the boundaries between the inside and outside.


amazing dream bath

Let’s not ruin your impression of this bathroom with words, two words will be enough. Dream bath!

cozy bedroom

Natural materials all around. Silk, cotton, clay and more. Nice and cozy bedroom.

cozy comfort space

cupboard and wallpapers

dream house in Spain

Wide choice of colors. We can find blues, pinks, greens, yellow and many others here. However it does look balanced and complete.


interesting details

living room

lovely balcony entrance

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