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Country Style Within You Budget!


You can judge a person by his or her taste in interior decoration and how the home is kept. In more ways than one the person’s preferences, taste, outlook in life and whole lot of things come through by merely seeing how the home is arranged and decorated.

In the US many would like to go in some specific styles depending on their tastes.  It could be retro or contemporary, traditional or minimalistic. One style that is attractive and heart warming is the country style. Over 25% of Americans love to go for the country style. While this could be an expensive venture, you can choose a particular room to do so. Many do prefer the living room. You can also try it for other rooms and keep within a budget if you followed certain rules.

Country Style decoration is characterized by light colored wall paints. This could be pure white, off-white, cream or soft  beige. This being a neutral palate, it helps to enhance the objects of art placed in your rooms.

You can remain within the budget by making the interiors of your homes a lot simpler. Furniture made of wood and other decorative object made of wood like pine and oak are not very expensive compared to other material. They manage to give your rooms that fresh look and are certainly cheaper than materials such as glass or harder woods.

While bold patterns certainly stand out, they are not well suited for country style decoration. Right from the choice of fabrics to any canvas wall art fixtures use patterns and styles that are soft with muted colors and are elegant and stylish. Small prints with patterns, stripes that are very simple and plaids and even woven fabrics  would do a great job here. Go conventional if need be by choosing accessories that are traditional to enhance the decor of your room.

Do not hesitate to shop for furniture at garage sales. This is not only cheaper, you will also be amazed at the kind of good stuff that you get here. If the furniture is damaged in places, you can easily repair it by using paint or cloth and table skirts. Use a lot of fresh flowers. They are lively and a whole lot better than synthetic ones however elegant they may look. You can leave some of your windows uncovered too or use plain draperies. With all this you can remain within a budget and create a beautiful country home!

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