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Cozy Dining

Cozy Dining

Cozy Dining

This adorable and simplistic dining room belongs to a cottage. It is small and quaint, with a feminine prettiness that makes the room a very enjoyable place to eat in. The color palette is light and filled with pastel shades. There is a heavy usage of primary colors.

The room has a small, circular dining table that is not quite in the middle. The table is covered by a blue, yellow and green tablecloth with floral motifs. The table seats three. A nice twist to the dining table is the fact that the chairs aren’t identical and are all different. Yet, they do not clash with each other. The chairs complement each other perfectly.

The owners have used the space well. There is a pretty jug with yellow flowers on the table. There is a closet-cum-shelf space in a corner. It looks old, with a vintage feel. This has been done on purpose, to add to the quirkiness of the room. It also adds a ‘straight-out-of-an-Enid-Blyton’ feel to the entire room.

There is a lot of natural lighting in the room, what with the large windows that use white screens instead of curtains. Curtains would have made the room look too busy, but the use of the white screen is an extremely clever move. This is because it brings in a lot of light, but the light is diffused, instead of overly bright.

The floor is of a polished wood. There is small seating area next to the shelf. On the seating area, the owner or decorator has placed blue cushions in different tints and shades.

One interesting aspect of the room is the chandelier/ceiling light. It is quite ornate, but isn’t so big that it takes up space in the room. Other decorations come in the form of the adorable and vintage ceramic plates that are attached to the walls. The ceramic plates are decorated with floral patterns. This adds to the feminine feel of the room.

All in all, this is the perfect dining room for any age- an older couple, a newly married couple, or a working woman. It is easy to maintain and can be cleaned very easily. This simplistic quality is what most people should look for when decorating a dining room.

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