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Creating Comortable Living Room Interiors


Contemporary living room

Contemporary living room

What is the function of a living room in contemporary times? The very word living room must have been coined only about 50 or so years ago. Does this mean that this is the place where the entire family gets together? Is this the only common room for the family? I would assume so. In contemporary times this is also the room where you entertain guests, watch the TV, sit down to enjoy a drink or two in the evening, read a book or just chat up with your family. This being the case a lot of care should be taken and a good bit of planning should be done to design this part of your living abode.
While there are many way and themes one can go in for while decorating their living room, it really depends on one’s taste and the function of the room. If you are into inviting many friends during week ends or evenings, then no effort should be spared to make the room colorful, inviting, and ostentatious. But if you are one of those people who would like to have a quiet evening only with your family, then you could choose a subtler theme.
Here is a living room subtly designed. The color that dominates the room is white which relaxes your senses. While most of the furniture is in shades of gray or white we do see some pieces that are black. The wall too has been wall papered with gray black simple floral patterns. This manages to bring out a contrast that is pleasing. The beige carpet and cushion covers adds a little more color without taking away the subtlety of the theme. This warm and cozy room could be an inspiration for those who would like to have their living rooms styled on contemporary interior decor themes.

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