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Creating the Stunning Interior

Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary Living Room

Here is how you can make use of a small living space to create a stunning interior. This is a room styled in contemporary fashion making all use of the available space. The ceiling is high making space for the bedrooms in a mezzanine fashion. What we see here is that this household has all that a house hold needs. Yet we don’t see the clutter. This shot shows us the living room, the kitchen and the dining area. In spite of the fact that this is a small living area the designer has aptly chosen large and comfortable looking furniture for the living room. The kitchen is compact and the dining area too looks comfortable and can easily seat four. The decorator has wisely chose four colors – red, beige, pastel pink and white for the entire theme. The color repetition gives the room an stylish ambiance.

The wall color is very pale pink which gives the interior a spacey look. White sofa upholstery matches with the coffee table color, the rug, the kitchen cabinets and the color of the bucket chairs. They blend in so beautifully that it quite takes one breath away. The color red here is used for accents. The table top object, the sofa rug. See how cleverly the decorator has used red for photo-frames, the large wall clock, the stair carpet and the flower vase too. They are integrated so well into the decor theme that one has to look carefully to see the match!

Wisely chosen large pieces of abstract art adorn the high walls and complement the color theme and the decor theme. One may not give these abstract art pieces a second look if it were not for its context! The windows are large to allow enough daylight in and give this room a comfortable warmth. This room is a good example of how much good interior designing can do to transform a small living space into a comfortable and cozy home.

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