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Creative Interior Design For Small Spaces

Living and Dining Combo

Living and Dining Combo

It is hard to think of proper use for a house with little to no space. Most people give up and resort to living in a boring house with no aesthetic sense whatsoever, all because they are always dreaming of a bigger space to decorate. This completely faulty attitude results in them forgetting about the space they are fortunate to have in the present! They do not realize that a small space has as much, if not more, potential for good design and beautiful aesthetics.

Interior decorator Bryn Alexandra has showcased how a small space can be made to look gorgeous. All you need is inspiration and decent design sense. Another thing that is helpful is a love for color and the potential of unusual color combinations.

This room is a perfect example of utilizing small space to its maximum potential. It is simply done, with a color palette of mostly blues, whites and grays- simple and effective shades. Blue is a wonderful color to use on any space. This is because it functions as both a shade for the young and the old. Dark blues add a sophisticated, mature effect to a space, while light blues are youthful, exciting and happy.

The exciting thing about this room is that the decorator has cleverly combined a simple dining table with a sofa set. This inventive idea means that the functionality of the space has increased. The table at the center is simple and basic. The sofa behind it is an interesting two-seater in gray, with printed cushions in gray, dark blue and silver. It certainly adds texture and dimension to the whole piece.

The other chairs around the table are also unique. They are wrought metal pieces that are minimalist, yet decorative.

The decorator has focused a lot on the artwork on the walls. There are a lot of pieces hung on the wall that look great. All the pictures are different, but are united by the similar white framing that gives attention to the pictures wonderfully.

All in all, this space teaches us to not overlook a small space, and decorate it to its maximum extent. Use light colors that maximize a space, and experiment with different prints and textures to add interest and personality.

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