Daily ideas — February 5, 2013 at 2:28 pm

Daily: How to add color details to a neutral colored rooms


Create a monotone neutral colored feel and then add tons of contrasts to have this kind of a warm feeling.

Left: I hope that this table is really heavy, otherwise you would not like the evening with all of it’s contents on your dress or suit. Nice olive and dusk orange use and interesting window into another room. Right: Another interesting window in the wall, which also gives us interesting color mix. Nice use of small glass shelves built-in in the wall. 


Left: Nothing special, just a nice color mix. Interesting use of an old cupboard. Right: Area rug combines together colors of sofas and walls for a complete result. 


This is the room for people who are always bored. You can’t focus on something here, too many stuff around. You can spend hours watching paintings, or city views outside the huge window wall, fireplace is here when you get even more bored and don’t forget about the ceiling! ;-)

Thanks for viewing!

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