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Decorate a Quiet Reading Corner In The Room

Softly Hued Reading Corner

Softly Hued Reading Corner

Everyone wants a cozy place in their apartment to quietly read a book or have a cup of tea. It is essential that you invest time, money and space in such a place in order to have some private alone time for yourself.

The characteristics of such a corner are coziness, warmth, familiarity and comfort. It is important that such a corner is comfortable. This cozy corner functions as a sort of miniature den, especially if you stay in an apartment and do not have a large room to spare. But who needs an entire room when you can happily relax in a pretty corner?

When you look at this space, you realize it has all the elements mentioned above. In addition to this, it manages to look sophisticated and classy. It has a New York City- apartment feel. The place has scope for great natural light, but the light has been muted by the drapery and window screens. The window screen adds texture and a vaguely decorative element to the space.

The decorator has stuck to a fixed color palette of beiges, creams, whites and browns. Brown is a wonderfully sophisticated color that adds a library-chic feel to a place. Brown is warm and comforting. Cream and white are pure colors that symbolize innocence and cleanliness. Cream and dark brown are also luxurious, tasteful shades that are mostly used by adults- unlike the bright pastels that are favored by the younger generations.

The decorator has made sure to personalize the space by placing framed photographs on the side table. The bouquet on the side table also adds a pop of color that is very welcome. Green complements brown extremely well.

This is the ultimate corner to relax and unwind. The armchair is soft and comfortable, and the lampshade gives good lighting that will ensure a good read.

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