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Decorate the Interiors of Your Apartment Simply

Apartment Interior

Apartment Interior

This apartment has a very distinct, Miami feel to it that is helped by the fact that the owners are lucky enough to have a view of the sea. The simplistic structure of the space only serves to accentuate the magnificence of the view.

The apartment is more of a long, basic room. It is very simple and minimalist, with a lot of white and brown used to maximum effect. The white creates the illusion of endless space and light, while the browns and mauves add elegance and sophistication.

The dining table is a narrow, polished white piece that apes the apartment in terms of shape and structure. It is uncluttered and long, with a lot of neat, clean space. The living room, with its brown sofas, looks mature and sophisticated. It is a picture of understated elegance, and is calming and relaxing. The cushions have played with print and pattern, something that is missing everywhere else. Prints and patterns are great, but in a house like this, it is important to focus on the best aspects, and the best aspect here is the view.

The French windows are huge and open up to a large balcony. The decorators and owners have placed a nice table in the balcony, possibly to enable eating lovely breakfasts in the balcony.

As the walls, ceiling and flooring are white, this room might seem like a tailor made hotel suite, but it can also double as a simplistic apartment or a summer retreat. Not many people can live here, as it is a relatively small apartment, but it is so well designed that it seems multi functional and extremely comfortable.

All in all, this is the perfect bachelor pad or hotel suite. It is clean, neat and tidy. It is easy to maintain and fix. It is a great place for entertaining guests and having nice meals.

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