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Decorate the Living Room in Color

Eclectic Living Room

Eclectic Living Room

This pretty living room is a perfectly cozy space that acts as both a fine example in interior design and a space to simply relax in. This room is perfectly color coordinated to look warm and welcoming, without being too stylish and pretentious.

The room isn’t too large, but looks bigger than it is because it has no definitive boundaries that classify it as a ‘living room’ per se. The room is more of a place to relax in, and resembles a family room that is used for fun and happy interactions. It is full of colors and local art that give the room an eclectic, edgy quality that only increases its attractiveness.

The great thing about this room is the furniture. There is a lot of assorted furniture from big names like Frank Gehry for Vitra and Warren Platner for Knoll. The furniture isn’t too generic and boring, and the designers have cleverly mixed up the styles to create a mish-mash of funky creativity. The basic brown leather armchairs are combined with the colorful chairs around a wood and metal center table.

The redwood ceiling is elegant and leads to a nice white shelf that holds all the objects like books, CDs and decorative items. There is a lot of local artwork, and it is always a good idea to promote the local arts. The thing about promoting local arts is, one is always sure that it is unique and one of a kind.

One of the things that capture your attention is the large rug under the chairs and table. It looks to be created out of leather or some animal skin of some kind. Of course, it is better to remain eco-friendly and use material like faux-leather to get this effect. The visual textures created by this are great, and lend an earthy, country-style vibe to the space.

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