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Decorate The Nursery In Neutral Colors

Nursery in Pearly White

Nursery in Pearly White

When creating a nursery for your baby, it is very important to think of the gender of the upcoming child. If, by chance, you do not know the sex of the offspring, but you want to go ahead and build/decorate the nursery anyway, it will be a good idea to create a space that is gender-neutral. Gender-neutrality may not seem important, as submitting to the gender stereotypes of “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” is wrong, but if this is how you roll, maybe you should give consideration to the kind of room you would like your kid to grow up seeing.

This particular nursery is as charming as ever, with its cradle and flooring and soft rug. It is a perfect place for a baby to spend his or her time sleeping and playing. It is classy and sophisticated, yet manages to give off that aura of youth that is much needed for a baby who is just beginning to start hi or her life. Bright colors in a nursery are normally not encouraged, as babies need to see soothing things around him or her. Bright colors can therefore confuse infants and hurt their eyes. So when decorating a space, it is important to keep in mind that the room should be soothing, gentle and calm.

The detailing in this room is magnificent. The chest of drawers in the corner has a very early 1900s feel with its grandiose design and romantic air. The shelf near the cradle is also very beautiful. Both these pieces are in cream and off white, so they match the theme of the room perfectly. The color palette of the entire room is cream with white and off white, and this makes sure that none regard the room as being feminine or masculine.

In terms of lighting, the charming windows bring in enough natural light to seep the room in sunshine and warmth. There is a lampshade in the corner, however, placed next to the rocking chair, to ensure wonderful reading sessions with parent and child.

All in all, it is a perfectly chic and elegant room to raise a happy baby in.

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