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Decorate The TV Room in Black and Red

Black and Red TV Room

Black and Red TV Room

A living room or television room as it has become these days, depends on not just the gadgets in it, but the color themes, space, and arrangement of furniture, for its appeal. The living room in the picture is a beauty. The first thing that catches your eye – the reds of the two sofa chairs that face each other. These blood red crimsons are contrasting to the dark hues of the wooden floor. This floor is stylish, smooth, and colored the same rich shade of brown as dark chocolate. The wall behind the television is a rich red, while the wall behind the wide sofa chair is a dull white, close to grey. The television is a large flat screen. It rests on a long white television cabinet, sleek and well designed. The drawers of this cabinet have enough space for things like remote controls, magazines, etc. The red wall behind the television is contrasting to the white of the cabinet.

There is a long side table separating the two red chairs, along with another glass topped one, square shaped. The long table has a wooden dark brown base, and a clean white table top, on which rests a laptop. The other, smaller table has four slim legs and a transparent glass top. These center tables have plenty of space on them for things like magazines, ornaments, or even resting feet, which should not be allowed on such beautiful furniture.

The long sofa parallel to the long center table and the television is pitch black in color. It, along with the modern- styled red chairs, looks very comfortable. The chairs are designed to make sure comfort is a priority.

This television/ living room is very spacious. It is not too cluttered, and the distance between the long sofa and the television is perfect for viewing. The colors of the furniture are the main appeal of this room’s design. The reds, blacks and whites constitute an important part of the room’s beauty.

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