Bathroom Interior Designs — March 18, 2011 at 1:36 pm

Decorate Your Bathroom Luxuriously

Bathroom Luxury

Bathroom Luxury

People who love history and historical pieces show real commitment through the interior design of their homes. This bathroom is an example of such a commitment.

This bathroom space is not very large, but is extremely luxuriously decorated, with no stone left unturned in its quest for perfection. The place is definitely not for the type of people who like minimalism. The owners have infused style ideas from different historical periods. However, instead of looking overdone and gaudy, it retains its classiness and sophistication.

The bathtub is Grecian-inspired. The Greek and Roman motif pattern that has been engraved on to the sides of the tub are a wonderful idea. As the bathtub is attached to the wall, there is an air of solidity that it gives out, that matches the solidity of the design itself.

Even the flooring is inspired by the Roman era. The decorator has painstakingly placed tiny tiles to form a mosaic-like pattern. The decorator has cleverly stuck to brown and white as the floor color, instead of bringing in an abundance of unwelcome shades.

The wall paper pattern is very Romantic. The owners have still stuck to brown and white as the theme, but the paper is very subtle and dull.

While the décor theme might be pseudo –historical, the place does not seem new-money or faux-Grecian. The decoration has also avoided looking tacky because of the calm color palette and the white.

The only problem with the whole thing is that even a bit of dirt will be seen in the area. Stains will be seen too easily and so one needs to constantly clean it up. Also, stains may become permanent.

The bathroom on the whole is very romantic and pleasant. It is like a relaxing retreat inside a busy apartment. It is a good use of space and the decorator has maximized the space well. White is always a very expanding color. So when you decorate your bathroom, look to this as a good example.

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