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Decorate your Bedroom in Bright Colors and With Skylight

Brightly Decorated Bedroom

Brightly Decorated Bedroom

When I say ‘perfect room’, most people get a picture of a room with a  regular, sequential theme, looking more like a five star hotel room, than a home. That is not necessarily true.  After watching scores of episodes of Heidi, a cartoon in which a little girl, Heidi lives at the top of a country cottage with her grandfather, and in which she has a similar sloping roof in her room, you can’t blame me, really. Other than the roof, it has a majestic view.

Ever wanted your home to look like it was right in the middle of a forest? Well, here’s your chance. Right outside the window is an abundance of leafy trees, bright green in the day light. The window is huge. Open it up, and you’ll get lovely breeze, no doubt. The top part of this window can not be hidden from view using a curtain, it has no curtain. Beside the window is a chair that I can only call unusual.

Yes, that’s what I said. It sits on a pretty carpet, flooded with orange, purple and a black outline of what seems to be an hourglass. The floor is a rich brown hue, made of smooth wood. The walls and ceiling are painted a plain white. At the end of the sloping ceiling, closer to the ground, and just above the bed is a skylight.

At the end of the room is a wooden shelf, with plenty of space. It is used to house an alarm clock, and ornaments in the picture. A lovely painting rests on the shelf as well, enunciating just how much space it has. A night light even rests on it. The bed is just next to the shelf. A comfy looking bed, it is bright and full of contrast. It consists mainly of two colors- orange and white. The pillows are a deep orange, and the bed cover is patterned the same way. The frame of the bed is a light brown wooden frame. A beautiful bedroom, I can’t stop looking at its space, its bright colors, its ceiling skylight, and of course, that phenomenal view.

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