Bedroom Interior Designs — March 21, 2011 at 5:39 pm

Decorate your Bedroom with Black and White Colors

Stark Black and White Bedroom

Stark Black and White Bedroom

The design and décor of this room is ideal. The use of black and white is widely popular due to its simplicity and beauty. You can see that there are not many flaws in this design. The floor is a pearly, smooth white, and so are the walls.

The placement of the desk is unique- right under the bed. The desk is white, and the board on the wall black. The chair is black as well. The blacks and whites contrast sharply, making the room look lovely. There is plenty of space on the desk top for speakers, night lights, books, a computer, and more. Away from the study area is a long, rectangular mirror, reflecting a globe like ornament on the mantelpiece. The study area and bed area are the best parts of this room, clearly. To the side of the chair and desk is a set of drawers that resemble a flight of stairs in alternating black and white. The drawers open out towards the chair, and form a pathway to the bed, located above the desk. The bed’s frame is white and black again, and the mattress is white. The pillows are either plain white, or a wonderful zebra pattern. The whites of the mattress and pillows give the setting a clean effect, and this adds to the sense of beauty in the room, and of course, adds a lot to its appeal. On the wall above the stairway of drawers is a unique pattern of birds, fluttering from the floor to the bed above.

The entire room is wonderful. The color theme is perfect for the room’s design. It is spacious, but slightly cluttered. It is obviously for a child who is quite young and small, but is still remarkable.

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