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Decorate Your Bedroom with Velvety Purple and Black

Velvety Purple and Black Bedroom

Velvety Purple and Black Bedroom

The bedroom in the picture is, to say the most, different. It is simple in its color theme – black and white, and somewhat simple in its placement of furniture. The room is relatively spacious. The walls and ceiling are whitewashed. This is usually used to bring about an illusion of space, not that this room needs it. The floor is black wood, smooth and clean. The floor is well designed, and would be perfect for the room, if not for the rest of the furniture. There seems to be an excess of black here. Too much of anything is always bad, and this room is a perfect example of that statement.
The black side table beside the bed is shaped like an oval, with a unique lamp on it. The lamp resembles a steel pot with a slim, long neck sprouting out of it, a lampshade at its end. The lampshade is a different structure from what I’ve seen, and so the room deserves a point for novelty. The light can be used well for night reading. The wall behind the bed is slightly indented, and is velvety purple. This structure at the back juts out of the surrounding like a fish out
of water. It catches the eye, and things like that are always required in a room design. But, then the focus of a viewer never stays still, it wavers. When it wavers to the rest of the room, it gets lost in the black and darkness.
It’s like someone found a lovely room with white walls and a black floor, and decided, why not make it darker? The result is that we see a black floor, a black bed, black side tables, and a black cupboard. The floor and all these pieces of furniture seem to blend into each other, forming a chain of darkness, which is far from good for the
room’s appeal, trust me.
The bed has a thin silver frame, and the mattress is black. The other side table has space for decoration but not much, and the cupboard up against the wall has plenty of space within for storing clothes, blankets, and other things.
This room is simple, and would be great, if not for the color of the furniture, which brings down the whole place to a level way below what it should be.
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