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Decorate Your Child's Bedroom in Green

Fresh and Green Bedroom

Fresh and Green Bedroom

A view of nature is normally characterized by lush, pleasant greens. But representing this in a room is difficult. Imagine a bedroom absolutely filled with plants. Weird, isn’t it? But instead, people have found that simply using a green color theme works, as we see in the picture. This children’s bedroom is lovely and cute. The floor is smooth and white. This floor color is very commonly used in room designs. We see an olive green rug with white cushions and a teddy bear sitting on it. The ceilings and walls are white as well, making the room look bigger than it is. It doesn’t really need this though, the room is very large. Coincidentally, the teddy bear seems to be gazing out of the large window, at the lovely, snowy view. The window is partially covered by white transparent drapes that match the walls, floor, and ceiling.

The cupboard beside the wall adds contrast to the room design, with its eye catching green. The cupboard, the beds, and another cupboard, are all part of a bright green set. The two different cupboards are presumably for two children. The lower bunk and the upper bunk are not directly one above the other, but diagonally instead.

The mattress covers both have beautiful, creative green and white patterns. The frame of the lower bunk is green again, but has drawers at the bottom, adding more space to store things. The pillows are either multicolored with blues and greens, or just white with light green patterns. The top of the wall, next to the top bunk, has a pair of similar paintings, with the same patterns as the mattress covers.

Away from the sleeping area, the study area is as good. The playful, imaginatively colored desk and drawers might even make studying fun! As a children’s bedroom, this scores an exceptionally high mark. It is very spacious, as kids like it to be, and it is not cluttered in the least. It is bright and colorful- a perfect atmosphere for a child to live in. It is an excellently designed room.

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