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Decorate your home with inspired art and dark wood

Inspired Interior Design

Inspired Interior Design

This loft room is an excellent example of space usage and aesthetic sense. The room is bustling with wonderful creativity and a simplistic use of color and line. The space is quite large for an apartment, and the nice thing is that the decorators have used large pieces of simple furniture. The grace and sophistication of the room is really brought out by the use of elegant lines.

The slanting room and the high ceiling create a larger than life space. The color palette is extremely simplistic. It consists of white, brown and blue. The browns are most notable because of the large furniture. Brown is a very good color to make a room look more elegant, classy and sophisticated. Brown, especially dark brown, is a very mature color that gives a place a rich, moneyed look.

The owners and decorators have stuck to a minimalist theme, hence the simplicity. They have not unnecessarily crowded the space with object and curios. Clutter is the worst kind of décor especially in a well constructed room. The decorators have really honored the architecture of the place by decorating it with bold and sleek pieces. Basic, minimalist furniture indicates a love for simplicity and directness. They are easy to clean and very modern, so they do not look outdated.

The white washed walls are great because they are light reflectors. Light colors increase the space of a place. Of course, this dining room is big enough on its own, but uninterrupted size only increases a space’s elegance.

In terms of decoration, the owners have shown an interest in good artwork. There are wonderful framed panels on the wall, in turquoise and brown. There are a lot of vases on the drawer that are very locally inspired.

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