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Decorate your Living Room In Comfort And Simple Design

Comfortable and simple sitting room

Comfortable and simple sitting room

The flooring in this room is my favorite type- wooden, with various earthy hues of wooden brown. The wood is dark, light, random, and therefore untimely beautiful. The rug is abstract and screams intelligence. The symbol of modernism in the room, I see how it fits in well. Curving spikes of white striped black, a background of cream fur, tree-trunk colored paths, all on a rectangular piece of cloth. Sitting on top of the rug is a circular cushion like pouf. The colors used in the material are patterned regularly with a navy blue and whites. This pattern is used in a few cushions resting on the sofa as well. When one uses this linking together of pieces of furniture, it seems to make the room match mysteriously Shifting focus to the sofa, which is close to the pouf, we see it has a pleasant shade- somewhere in between blue and purple. The cushions attain a similar aura with their colors of blue, purple, and white. The other furniture in the room is well placed. The placement of the antique wooden cupboard, the sofa chair, the lampshade, and a few potted plants, make the room spacious. The use of lush green plants in a wooden floored room has always appealed to me, and it is this combination which is used in this room.

The windows behind the sofa are just the way I like it- large, and without bulky grills that restrict the entry of light. During the day, plenty of light can enter, absolutely engulfing the room in natural light. If left open, a lovely breeze can float through it as well.

Some things are meant to be kept simple, and this principle is well maintained in the color of the lampshade – a smooth, clear white. This living room boasts of space, skill in placement of furniture, unique designs and a combination of an old theme (plants, and wooden flooring), and a modern theme (the rug, the windows, and of course the white walls, with a painting or two). I see plenty of beauty in this room.

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