Decorate Your Living Room With A Touch of Country Style


This low country residence is full of warmth and comfortable sophistication. It is filled with a relaxed tone that suggests that it is a place in which one relaxes. The space is huge, and there is a massive amount wood of paneling that fills the space.

The wooden beams on the ceiling offset the metal accents that frame the doors. The large doors themselves are made out of glass. The room has a lot of cross ventilation and natural light. The large glass windows are naturally heat reflecting, so the room will be kept warm during cold seasons.

Minimalism is definitely not the theme of this room. It is filled with warm colors, and exciting objects. This room is a multipurpose area that can be used for dining. There is also a sofa placed in front of the sophisticated black fireplace. The fireplace acts as a clever divider that hides the staircase that rises behind. The wall on the side of the staircase is filled with books on a gray bookshelf.

The most important feature of the room is the openness and transparency of the place. The room opens up to the nature and the trees outside. There is a lot of importance given to plants and trees. The rusty tones of the place outside are echoed by the rust and cinnamon colored carpet under the dining table. The dining table itself is fully glass. The table alone has a sleek and minimalist design.

This room is perfect for a place in the country or the suburbs. It would not be the same without the trees and the plants surrounding it. This is a wonderful holiday home or retreat that is cozy and comfortable. It does not fall under the trip of cold and frigid brutal architecture. It isn’t sharp and edgy.

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