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Decorate your Living Room With Basic Black And Primary Colors

Primary colors with black and white

Primary colors with black and white

Art comes in so many forms, shapes, and colors. This living room is the perfect blend of everything needed in a room design.

The floor is black. The use of black is surprising to me, as it is rarely used on floors. In fact, black is used quite a lot in this room. The floor is smooth and matches the tables and many of the decorations. A beige woven rug is placed in between the two pieces of furniture. Two miniature mats are placed on the black center table too. The color of the large straw mat contrasts with the black floor.

On top of the mat sits a beautiful center table, a silvery black color. The table is supported by four short legs, giving the table a traditional look. This room seems to be about balance, enunciated by the balance of black and white. On this table top are two bowls, placed on straw mats. One is black, and the other white, a theme used in the entirety of the room.

The table sits in between two sofa chairs, white in color. Like the center table, the legs of the sofa are small, making the sofa lower than usual. The white of the sofa adds to the theme of black and white, and also adds a sense of contrast in the room. Also, the designer utilizes calm colors like a pistachio green that is pleasant and mellow, to go with the white of the sofa. The pillows are green and white, and this combination makes the sofas look lovely.

The main attraction of this room lies next to the wall. Right beside it sits a longer and taller version of the center table, with plenty of space for ornaments and pieces of decoration. The most beautiful part of this entire room is the white strip of wall, an extension of the cream colored wall behind. On this white are attached five slim, horizontally placed paintings. Each of these paintings is amazing. The colors used in them are in such contrast to the cool colors of the rest of the room. They are warm, fiery colors, like yellow ochre, crimson, and orange.

This room even makes use of nature by having two potted plants placed on either side of the long table. This room is beautiful. It is one of the best I’ve seen so far, mainly because of its mixture of themes. It uses warm and cool colors, and therefore is sublime.

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