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Decorate Your Living Room With Many Colors Against A White Background

Colorful Living Room

Colorful Living Room

One of the best ways for you to decorate a room is to avoid a singular theme, but to have many colors that complement beautifully.  This room manages to use many colors and designs, but still makes the main design look brilliant. The floor is wooden, madeof parallel slabs of wood, light in color. This light color matches the white walls excellently. The floor has an extremely pretty carpet-with a light green band on its outer width. The rest of the carpet is a navy blue- purple, with white sewn on patterns. Very close to the carpet is the white sofa. The sofa set is important because anything set against white looksdramatic. The carpet on the floor of the sofa looks even brighter, and more colorful than it actually is.
The cushions on the sofa are of many colors – pink, lightblue, orange, and sea blue, all with patterns on them. Right in frontof the sofa is a side table that is made of interlocking white rods.The table is small and simple, and has space for books as well asother things. It is decorated with three differently colored flower vases here. The beauty in this room really reveals itself in itscolors. The white color adds contrast along with anycolor. There is a mobile against the wall and a bright yellow pot with a plant on a tall stool. On the other side of the open door revealing a lovely nature- filled view, a picture is hung. At the bottom, sitting on the floor is a round basket for clothes giving this room a more user friendly look.

Behind the sofa, the door opens out an area that has  differently shaped and colored pots ranging from violets to sea blues tosky blues, purples, and fiery oranges. The view is gorgeous. The room is youthful and bright. It clearly is a brilliant design. Of course, the room is rather delicate, with all its ornaments, that can most definitely break easily. Try this combiantion of colors- sunny yellows, hues of purple, green, and blue, and the reds, against a stark white background and you have yourself a quite unusual design.

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