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Decorate Your Sitting Room in Black and White

Black and White Sitting Room

Black and White Sitting Room

Blacks and whites are commonly used in interior decoration because of the strength and boldness found in these colors. Black and white can function as a double-edged sword. They can make a space look and seem modern, avant-garde and trendy, while at the same time, they are capable of being too flashy, too crass and too bold. Black and white can be used in simple ways- through color blocking, or through the infusion of patterns or prints.

Black is a very popular color. It is used in nearly all spaces. Black is well-loved because it is mysterious, glamorous and edgy. Black can give a Rock and Roll edge to almost any space. Black is associated with wealth, sophistication and good taste. The only problem with black is the fact that it makes a space look much smaller than it actually might be.

White is a very cooling color that is probably as popular as black. It symbolizes purity, cleanliness and simplicity. White is mostly used in hospitals, so it has a tendency to seem sterile, cold and unfriendly. Unlike black, white is light-reflecting and is therefore great for maximizing spaces well.

Black and white can be toned down by substituting with tints and shades of gray.

This living room is a perfect example of using black and white to decorate a space. It is simple with color blocking. The decorator has not used too many patterns and prints. The furniture is basic black leather seating. They are simple and sophisticated.

The walls are white, with black and white artwork. The tone is broken down slightly by the addition of plants and wood flooring. This is to ensure that the room does not become an eyesore. Note how the carpet has cleverly used grays.

This is a good template to be inspired by when decorating your home. It shows excellent use of color blocking in design. However, bring your personality into your home instead of blindly following other ideas.

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